Traktor stop playing after about 4 songs


I've just started Vinyl DVS (MK2) with my Traktor controlled with X1 MK2. The mixer is a regular Pioneer DJM-250MK2. The mixer has the latest firmware. Don't know if X1 is able to upgrade any firmware. Even if, i think the problem is in Traktor. The stylus on my Technics 1200 headshell is Shure M44/7 so it has a very high and good mV-signal.

Question 1. Can I send some kind of logfiler to N1 to get help, why the system stop playing sound after a couple of songs? After total restart of software it worked again but the crasches again?

Question 2. Have anyone in this forum heard about something like this?



  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,113 admin

    You can definitely send our team a crashlog if you want us to check what's happening exactly. You can do that using the form on our website here:

  • Kapten_Widar
    Kapten_Widar Member Posts: 5 Member

    Thanks Matt, I've sent you the file. We'll keep in touch.

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