Komplete 12 Collector's Edition- Errors upgrading to 14!

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Ticket 3988710 (but I've been waiting several days)

I already own the Komplete 12 Collector's Edition bundle.

July 6- I tried to buy Komplete 14 Collector's edition . I logged into Native Access and it gave me a price of $249.50, which I thought was fair so I tried to purchase it. I put in my bank card but I got an error that it wouldn't go through to a wrong zip code. My zip code is 22025 and my bank / VISA confirms this is what they have on record as well. It's correct.

Initially my bank bank account showed that my account was minus the $249.50 and logging into Native Instruments- it also told me I owned the new software. But I never got prompted to be able to download it and still actually do not have it.

Then I submitted the ticket. 3988710

However, my bank now shows that the charges were "attempted" but never went through- I did not complete that purchase due to the zip code issue- which my bank states is a problem with your company/software (not on their end).

So I just decided- well, I'll try again. Today, July 8, now Native Instruments is trying to charge me $499! a full 50% more than 2 days ago.

I don't understand what is going on.

I would like to purchase this at the original promised price of $249.50 with my bank VISA card but I don't know how to do this now.

Is there someone I can call?



  • Kubrak
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    No, you cannot call.... I guess, Summer Sale has ended and price went to common price. Wait for ticket to be processed.... I guess NI might give you discounted price even now as it looks like it was not your fault, that transaction has been cancelled......

    If it will not work, you may wait for Season Sale in December. Most probably the 50% discount will come again as it did last few years....

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    You can not call anyone . N.I. do not offer phone support. If you want to contact support then you need to use the support interface on the internet site and open a ticket.

    Quote : "logging into Native Instruments- it also told me I owned the new software. But I never got prompted to be able to download it and still actually do not have it."

    If you make a purchase online you should get a receipt email or at least an order confirmation or something. Did you get any email communications from N.I. that you can use going forward ?

    Anyway , how N.I. responds to your eventual inquiry only N.I. knows and is at the discretion of N.I. . You should not expect N.I. to normally sell stuff to people at sales price after the sale is over , and you really ought to have reported the problem at once (time of original purchase attempt) but you could still try approaching support and explain the problems and if they can see that you did try to buy during the sale then who knows ? However it's is very important that you understand that it is neither if use nor OK that you get annoyed with N.I. if you get a flat no ! in which case you will have to follow the advice given by Kubrak. I myself am leaning towards a 'maybe' but I am not an N.I. employee , and also then even an N.I: employee wouldn't give you any promises of that kind here in the forum but advice you to contact support and let them look at it. If you do contact support then please tell them about the "wrong zip code" issue as you did above here and provide them with any relevant information that you may have and then let them decide and after that then adhere to their decision without any quarrel !

    Please be aware that support are swamped with tickets and may take some time to get back to you !

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    Thank you for the comments. I did put in a ticket on July 6. But I haven't heard back since so I thought I would post something hear. It's disappointing as it was an error on their processing side and the system initially told me that I bought it and so did my bank but then- I never got the email you are talking about nor a download button. Then....the next day, my bank said they can see where an attempt was made for me to purchase but it was blocked.

    I won't go above the $249.50 price so I really hope they can help me. Not having a phone is not helpful nor is waiting for a long time for tickets. Thanks again

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @shannonsmith I escalated your ticket's priority. Our support team will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • shannonsmith
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    Oh wow. Thanks Kaiwan!!

  • shannonsmith
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    HI Kaiwan- Update. NI responded to my ticket and gave me a code to use for the $249 deal. However, the zip code is still an error and now when I try again to see if it's cleared up- the code they gave me also did not work. It did work with the first try but not now. I sent 3 emails today in reply to the ticket with screen shots and info. I hope that helps them to try and clear it up.


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