Traktor Kontrol S3 - Low Audio Output Problem



  • Quade
    Quade Member Posts: 103 Helper

    Good Day @Ryan_NI

    I Trust you and the team are doing well.

    Just humbly following up on this thread, has there been any progress update on this matter yet?

    Humbly appreciate your feedback in advance.

    Warm Regards


  • Quade
    Quade Member Posts: 103 Helper

    Good Day @Ryan_NI

    I trust you & the team is still going strong.

    Kindly follow up on the update status on this matter, Any news yet / Progress yet?

    Many Thanks


  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey @Quade ! Hope you've been well. Thanks for getting back, and thanks for your patience - we've been waiting on some updates.

    it sounds like the firmware update should be released soon, but I know we've already said this a few times.. also, just to set some expectations on what would *most likely* be expected in this next update release, would be the following:

    Finally, after 4.5 months, we have new firmware that will hopefully soon be released to the public:

    • S2 MK3 old MCU version
    • S3 old MCU version

    In addition, the new MCU firmware will be available for newly made controllers:

    • S2 MK3 new MCU version
    • S3 new MCU version

    All firmware will have the new main and headphone volume profile and the correct headphone signal polarity.

    This doesn't mean, necessarily, that there will be a louder output volume. And this is something that I might have misinterpreted, and I apologize for that. It's my understanding the firmware update will address some issues with how linear the volume curve is for the Main Out. Here is some more of what I've heard:

    • There is nothing we can do to increase the volume of class 2 devices beyond their specification (ie. S2 MK3 / S3)
    • another aspect of this is that the S2/S3 can be used with TRAKTOR or with other SW.
    • With TRAKTOR the output volume is fully controlled via the Volume knob on the S2/S3.
    • With other SW using the class-compliant drivers, the maximum volume is also controlled via the computer's volume setting. So if there are complaints, some may be related to users ignoring that the computer's volume setting is limiting the max volume output in their specific constellation.

    I really appreciate your patience through this, and I hope this brings a little bit of clarity. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Aleix Jiménez
    Aleix Jiménez Member Posts: 69 Advisor

    Looking forward to the new firmware update and what modifies/enhances of my S2 MK3. Hopefully, it will sound louder with the new volume profiles... we'll see!

    By the way, any hint on whether if any of the "issues"/inconsistencies I described in the old forum have been addressed with the new firmwares? 👀

  • Quade
    Quade Member Posts: 103 Helper

    Good Morning @Ryan_NI

    Many Thanks for the update.

    I would appreciate the release so it can be tested out & check out any flaws we encounter. I am very pleased to hear that firmware is being worked on & also that the volume is also getting attention. Just on that note, will there be drivers released for the S3 or just primarily based on plug & play & using the built-in audio drivers?

    Again, much appreciate your feedback.

    Warm Regards


  • DJM (Sagar)
    DJM (Sagar) Member Posts: 44 Helper

    Hi all. The firmware has been released and it makes a remarkable difference to both, Master and Headphone Volume when using the S2 MK3! Just make sure the Audio is set to WASAPI exclusive. I've also got the Headroom in Mixer set to None and latency set to 256 with Freq to 44100

  • Aleix Jiménez
    Aleix Jiménez Member Posts: 69 Advisor
    edited June 2022

    Indeed, results are very significable!!!

    I've placed a loop on one of Traktor's demo tracks and I have maintained the gain value and settings in Traktor to compare the master output level before the update vs. after. The readouts have been made in my DJM900NXS2 mixer with the VU meter of channel 1, where I've connected my S2 MK3 master output.

    Here are the results of the new volume profile:

    Master at 12'o'clock (mixer gain at 12'o'clock)

    • Before the update (firmware 0.3.3): -30dB/-27dB with peaks to -24dB aprox
    • After the update (firmware 0.3.7): -15dB/-12dB with peaks to -6dB aprox

    Master at 3'o'clock (mixer gain at 12'o'clock)

    • Before the update (firmware 0.3.3): -12dB/-9dB with peaks to -3dB aprox
    • After the update (firmware 0.3.7): -9dB/-6dB with peaks to 3dB aprox

    Master at maximum (mixer gain at 9'o'clock)

    • Before the update (firmware 0.3.3): -15dB with peaks to -6dB aprox
    • After the update (firmware 0.3.7): -15dB with peaks to -6dB aprox

    The results speak for themselves... We don't have an upgraded max level output, but this new volume profile should do a better job!

    Download the new S2 MK3 firmware here.

    Download the new S3 firmware here.

    DISCLAIMER: This only are theoretical results measured with my mixer, not scientifically measured 😂

  • JonTaylor
    JonTaylor Member Posts: 3 Member

    i can confirm that the new Firmware update does indeed fix the master/headphone volumes on my S3. Top Job NI :)

  • olafmol
    olafmol Member Posts: 111 Advisor

    Can I ask what was the cause of this issue with the earlier firmware? How can something like this happen?

  • Aleix Jiménez
    Aleix Jiménez Member Posts: 69 Advisor

    I don’t have any inside info, and this answer is “pure speculation”, but after my S2 tests, I believe the answer is that it hadn’t been properly “profiled” before (not boosted enough).

    Pure maths & sound physics… I believe 👀

  • Quade
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    edited June 2022

    Hey Guys!!!

    @Ryan_NI, I just would like to express my utmost gratitude towards you & the team, although I had not known that the firmware had been released, i was up at 2 am yesterday morning getting the firmware downloaded & successfully updated.

    I had taken the S3 for a proper spin yesterday at my Sunday gigs & i am happy to announce that the firmware has improved dramatically & i am quite pleased & very much satisfied with the outcome.

    Indeed the long wait has been well worth it!

    At this moment i have no complaints / flaws / issues with unit. The unit performs as expected & i am very very happy with the purchasing of this unit.

    To Everyone else, please do get the firmware for the S3, to those who have been following this thread, A very big thanks for your input as well, this has been truly helpful.

    If there are no further comments or questions about the Traktor Kontrol S3 audio problem, i am very happy for this thread to be closed.

    Stay Blessed & Keep Up The Work Team.

    Warm Regards


  • Ryan_NI
    Ryan_NI Customer Care Posts: 191 mod

    hey @Quade , hey all! sorry for the late response.

    I'm suuuper happy to hear that things have improved following the update! It's been a long time coming and I know there was a lot of hard work put into it by the team, so the kind words from you mean a lot.

    if anything else comes up, don't hesitate to reach out.

  • Senseless
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    Thank you for the update!

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