TRAKTOR and MUSIC app's duplicated playlists

DJ X-Tra
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As i use my iTunes library to managed all my music. Now the i upgrade my OS X all my playlist on the "Music App" are double on the Traktor Pro.

Can you fix that issue?

I have here 2 images that explain the issue



  • Je Re
    Je Re Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Have exactly the same problem since months and no solution... :(

    The idea with the .html document doesnt work because when I download a new track its not refreshing the playlist automacially... -.-

  • c0nsul
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    Sometimes builds a new library and leaves the outdated/old library in the

    My guess is, that Traktor reads all library-files in that folder.

    Go into your Musik folder where the app stores your media. There should be one "Music Library.musiclibrary"-file. If there is another one marked as old or outdated, delete this file. Now, look into Traktor and see if the issue is gone.

  • DJ X-Tra
    DJ X-Tra Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I deleted everything but until now nothing changed. Really annoying that.

    Can we get a help from the support tech?

  • Je Re
    Je Re Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Still need also help, please. Have the same problem... -.-

  • digisun
    digisun Member Posts: 5 Member

    Can you please post a screenshot from your iTunes?

    Mine looks like this. It's a mess, hmm?

    I also had problems with duplicates when and I had the synfunction in the Musik app running.

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