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After installing a new motherboard out of necessity and being told by Microsoft that my $200 Windows 10 Pro was no longer valid, I am looking to Linux for solutions to this problem. Unfortunately, my huge library of NI plugins would be a huge pain to set up in Linux's VM systems. I need native support for Linux from NI. It even has a good audio system now called PipeWire. It no longer has any reason for music companies to shun it like the plague. Any helpful advice would be appreciated. I will either use Windows unactivated or use Linux. (Computers have become such garbage these days.)



  • Jon Watte
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    Which DAW host would you use on Linux? And which pro audio interfaces?

    Also, PipeWire is cute and all, but doesn't really solve the real problems with pro audio on Linux, just like JACK and JUCE and GStreamer all the others before it didn't.

    We know some of the code runs on Linux, because that's what the Maschine+ uses, but Linux for PCs isn't a platform I see a private equity owned company like NI ever going for. I recommend biting down and paying for Windows 11 Pro, if you can't get them to re-activate your license on an upgraded machine.

  • Sullen Secret
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    The DAW is fine since Cubase can work fine on Linux through VM stuff. The problem is NI's content. Also, PipeWire DOES solve the audio problems on Linux since it slots into all of the uses for the other audio systems, completely replacing them. It actually works well, too. As for Microsoft, they can just die. I will never pay them anything ever again. BTW, I can use Windows unactivated. It's just mildly annoying.

    UPDATE: According to computer experts, it may be possible to use my copy of Windows. The customer service lady was simply trying to scam me into buying a copy. Yikes.

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    I'm running Harrison mixbus32C v9 and Reaper, with RME UCX II as my portable interface and RME UFX in my rack. I'm running Ubuntu 22. It's not that long ago since I completely emigrated. For about a year I was using Linux on everything but a set of music production bootdrives (which were running Win10), but this year I'm Ubuntu on both my desktop PC and my Laptop. I aboslutely LOVE it! It's glorious! And the learningcurve has been significantly lessened by chatGPT's encyclopedic knowledge of everything linux-related. I won't be going back.

    This also means leaving NI behind though, which has been tough. I'm using u-he synths, which support linux natively, and there are a number of good drum- and sampling plugins. But there are a hugh number of NI products that I've been using since Komplete 6, and that I've gotten really used to. It's a shame that NI doesn't port their stuff. I think people are underestimating how fed up users are with windows. The only thing keeping a lot of people away from linux these days is the lack of support from companies like NI. If they started porting their stuff to linux they would be the only big boi on the block. I know the Linux userbase is fairly small but that would be a BIG deal, and I'm confident a lot of people would jump over to linux. I've gone over DESPITE support, and while I do miss my NI plugins I would be going back.

    Just now I was considering buying a machine+. I figured that It's standalone nature would mean that I could use it sort of like an old-school sampler/synth and have it as an external device containing all my NI software. And It's runnning linux itself, right? It has to have some class-complient compatability? But then I read that it will only take a few select plugins (pre-installed) and that It probably won't work as a class complient audio interface itself, atleast it's not mentioned in the manual.

    If they've already ported several plugins to the machine+, they should just push them out for Linux.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Don't think we'll have plans to support Linux in the near future, I'm afraid!

    Here are discussions on the same topic if you wanna chime in:

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  • Bendagoros
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    Linux... The problem with Linux is that it supports barely anything. At all the other points - excellent OS. Better then MacOS for sure :D

  • GoaSkin
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    My Linux setup:

    • Bitwig Studio as DAW (native Linux version)
    • Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface (runs without installing any additional drivers)
    • iConnectivity Mio 10 MIDI Interface (also runs out of the box. Config software usable with WINE)
    • Komplete Control S61 MK 2 (I coded my own alternative to Komplete Kontrol as an open source project called qkontrol)
    • NI Komplete Ultimate (everything usable with WINE except Massive X and the Komplete Kontrol software)

    Runs very stable and usable.

  • Kitosch
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    This is really so sad. Everything I use and need runs on Linux in Reaper. Most stuff natively, some via WINE (Orchestral Tools, Spitfire) without much of a problem. Only Kontakt is a pita I can't get to run reliably smoothly. I keep getting totally random and nonsensical CPU spikes, like from idle to 100% while I'm just sitting there watching without even playing a track. This happens in Kontakt 6 Full as well as in 7 Player. Oh how I wish, pray, beg for a native Linux version of Kontakt.

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