Anything going on re Linux and NI?

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I;ve really been wanting to use Linux to do music. For me, it's just so much better than being stuck in the Windows platform..much faster, etc on the same Workstation. I can use Ubuntu for everything else I do save for music.

My question is can the NI vst's work using tools like Wine and Carla? Komplete Kontrol? Kontakt? Ive got Bitwig running great in Ubuntu Studio and Driven by Moss has written great Linux drivers for my LaunchpadX and NI keyboard...Id really like to use some of my NI instruments




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    No plans from NI to add support, Linux will likely never be supported like with most production software, it's just a case that if that is what you want to do you need a mac or PC system or choose the limited options that will work native.

    I have seen people do the usual Linux thing of cobbling together a house of cards, but with limited success so seems more time and hassle than it is worth.

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    The only solid experience I have had with Linux is using Bitwig 4 with U-He native products on PopOS on a modern laptop. Bitwig is actually a great experience on Linux, if not the best.

    I think NI has their hands full keeping up with so many products on Windows and the ever-changing MacOS.

    Linux for most people is the land of the free....and NI is into making "enough" money to justify the extra stress of another, very different OS family with fragmented audio driver support/performance.

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    Yes it seems there are some people trying to force the NI stuff to work in linux, and it's spotty at best. It's unfortunate, but I can understand how Linux would not be a priority for NI...they dont even seem to ever update their instruments. The ones I have all still seem to be vs 1.0..they just keep introducing new instruments and dont bother to upgrade ones they have <which are highly upgradeable>..doesnt fit their profit model i guess.

    I think Bitwig is quite a piece of kit even on Windows. It flies in Linux and doesnt bog down under what really stresses things out using windows on the same Workstation machine

    I just put in the latest from Ubuntu Studio...Lunar Lobster and I didnt even have to install my audio interface (Audient) just worked w.o my intervention in Bitwig and for normal audio like YouTube Music. Using it for something like Loopback may present issues though,

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