Cant update Traktor Pro 3, or record vinyl

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Hi All,

I am having issues with Traktor Pro 3. NI says the current version is 3.9.0, but I am running 3.5.3. However, on my Native access app, it says that all software and hardware is up to date. I have tried to update Native Access, but no joy, no options.

I'm running Big Sur 11.7.6. on an old Mac, 2015. Yes I should get a new one but mates are running that software easily and reliably on much older machines with older OS's. The laptop registers the signal internally on audio settings, as well as through it's built in mic, but my installed Audacity won't record through the inbuilt mic either, leading me to think it's a deeper issue.

At the same time, I can't record vinyl. I used to be able to record easily through Live Input but now I get no signal, and Live Input also lights up the internal Traktor Mode buttons on my Z2 mixer!

I have long since given up trying to play live with TP3. It constantly crashes and freezes. I would like to get back to using it in HID mode with my Pioneer XDJs.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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