Loading instruments from Kontakt 7 into Maschine

J. Spencer
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Let's start with: I'm new to Maschine (and really any NI software that's not Traktor Pro).

I recently picked up a new Mikro and bought Komplete Standard. I know I can load something, like the Butch Vig Candyassed drums for example, into a Sound slot. From there, I can switch to keyboard mode and change the root to C1 to play the pads. While I'd love to have multi-colored pads here, it works. I've also done the drag-n-drop of the premade Patterns into the keyboard and messed around.

That's all great and fun, but my real question is how I can prevent Maschine from opening a new Kontakt plug-in window every time I load it into a Sound slot? For example, if I wanted to map individual kit sounds to Sound slots 1-4, Maschine is opening up multiple Kontact windows for each one.

I hope I'm just doing it wrong, but that also seems like a huge waste of resources for mapping a bunch of single sounds from the same kit. Am I forced to use Keyboard mode?

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