Missing info on Plugin Alliance store !

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I think this is so wrong and messed up. I spent the better part of half an hour to try to understand this, because they do not write what they ought to write :

PA Unfiltered Audio Bundle :


If I do not look at link text but only on page served then when I read the start text , quote : "All of these plugins are also included in the new MEGA Bundle, which offers 100+ plugins from 25+ brands, at just $24.99/mo or $249.99/yr."

Then I will just think that well that's certainly a cheap bundle then ! I mean , I can add whole bundle to cart for just $7.99 as what appear to be a one time payment ! And even though text further down also says (in connection with first quote) as a general statement that , quote : "Hassle-free: all our monthly and yearly bundles will auto-renew every month or every year. "  Then still NO WHERE on page does it say that what I am looking at is actually one of them subscriptions and a subscription price for one month and neither does it say so at check out !!!

Only thing that gave it away for me were when studying "Brand Bundles" at the bottom of this page : https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html  ,  then if I pick "Brainworx bx_bundle"  : https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/brainworx-bx_bundle-monthly.html   ,  then it will FINALLY say in text that , quote : "No major studio's or VIP engineer's plugin collection is complete without the award-winning Brainworx tools. And now you can use ALL of them as well, for just $12.99/mo! Subscribe now and start getting the best out of your projects."  , which in turn then corresponds to the "Add to cart $12.99" asked , telling that this is a monthly subscription !

But how they can neglect to express themselves more accurately with respect to the PA Unfiltered Audio Bundle subscription product I fail to understand !

Ref. :  https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/unfiltered_audio-bundle-monthly.html


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