Maschine 2 upgrade Scenes don't trigger from start of section

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I have Maschine 2.6.8 running happily on my Mac OS X 10.10.2

I bought a PC laptop, Windows 10, and a second Maschine controller running on Maschine 2.14.7

I play live by looping sections of tracks. Often my sections are different lengths and I have a problem on the updated version of Maschine.

for example: My verse is 16 bars long and my chorus is 8 bars long and I select to move by section. if I play the chorus once and then select the verse, the track will jump to 8 bars into the verse rather than starting the verse from the begining of its section.

If the verse is 9 bars long and the chorus is 2 bars long then the verse will start 2 bars in when selected.

This is very annoying and makes Maschine almost unusable for me. I can't figure out how to make the jump to the beginning of the selected section.

When I revert back to Maschine legacy version 2.7.2 I do not have this problem.

I'd be really grateful with any help on this. Thanks in advance.



  • Kubrak
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    I do not have the older version to compare it. So, I do not know, if it has jumped to the beginning in earlier versions.....

    Now, it is that sometimes it jumps (in your case) to 8th bar and sometimes to 1st one. If you press change at the very end of 8th bar of chorus. Othervise somewhere to 1-8 and 8-16 range....

    And whether it jumps to 1-8 range or 8-16 depends probably on position of pointer that runs for each Scene since start of play pressed. Or something like that.

    Hard to say if it is intentional feature, or bug. If you thing, it is a bug, the best is to open the Support Ticket....

  • Stemtex
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    Nice one Kubrak,

    Having heard no word from anyone else I will take your advice and get a support ticket.

  • ozon
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    Change the Grid for Arrangement to Scene.

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