When can we expect Traktor Pro 4?

I am a very very long time traktor user (since Studio to be exact). I used the Beta (even though because of being super busy I have not been able to report bugs) and on the last beta it said it would expire on June 30th. I assumed that meant it 4 would be out by then but... the 30th has come and gone.

It is becoming more and more difficult to stay excited about traktor as I see other platforms blow by as if we were going backwards when it comes to connectivity to hardware, actual hardware, and even features that have almost become standard in other platforms ie flexable beat grids. As a coustomer who's paid money as well as pays money it is getting it very difficult to stay patient.

I also realize that I am 1 in thousands of traktor users but I do think my voice exectations and money matters so I would like to know WHEN!


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  • DJDQmusic
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    If I hear the words "pattern player" one more time...🤮


  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 2,175 Expert

    3.9.0 just came out.... so i don't expect Traktor 4 in 2023.

    Or maybe, around Christmas

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,054 Expert

    Maybe next version is traktor 3.10 :) No one knows.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    no one knows. Traktor always does things in its own way. Over last 18 month there has been talk of even new hardware. God only knows if that will ever come off. Im not really that arsed anymore tbh. If it comes it comes.

  • Kubrak
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    My guess is it comes soon. But it is just guess.

    But there is one thing that speaks against that guess. There is a published plan of development of version 3. So, maybe few more 3 versions and than 4 will come.

    Generally no need for 4 version, if 3 will develop. But trully said, it is OK for me as it is. Realtime STEMs might be fine and flexible grids. And for me also Spotify integration. But I can live without it just fine. I have used TP2 till quite recently even thought I had licence for TP3 for years.... So, no need for TP4 on my side.

  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 223 Pro

    I don't think we'll see Traktor Pro 4 at all.

    I think NI will give us a new DJ Product. Might retain the Traktor name, might not.

  • DJDQmusic
    DJDQmusic Member Posts: 29 Member
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    If I hear the words "pattern player" one more time...🤮

  • Milkman
    Milkman Member Posts: 200 Advisor

    I demand to know when Maschine3 will be released as a DAW! I've been waiting for Maschine to be released as a full DAW for so long, and yet the ball has been dropped upon me!

    I've been a user of Native Instruments products since before you were born, and yet I watch with abyssal sadness as all the other brands move past NI, easily surpassing all of their products, but does NI update theirs? Do they even offer me a single good product? No. Nothing. Just emptiness, depression, and obsolescence. But I keep buying them anyway because I like sadness and depression.

    In-fact it all sorta just works when combined into an ensemble. Tada!


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