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on native access i had download trk 01.but in komplete kontrol does not software maschine 2 appair ,so i select ,i can ear the sound when i choose the preset,but in the keyboard some place they say i need reacktor.i have reacktor .but when i open reaktor on maschine 2 i dont see anything about trk 01.maybe is not this the problem.the problem is that i dont see trk 01 on komplete kontrol .and in maschine 2 software i select but no sound i can ear.thank you


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    You need to start the MIDI clock to drive the sequencer of TRK-01 to get sound.

    Do you can hear sound with Reaktor standalone? Or you must locate the ensemble. The path on my pc is:


    Do you route with first use Reaktor in standalone? This is a must be. Please read the chapters in REAKTOR 6 Getting Started English.pdf You can download all manuals for Reaktor 6.5 here:

    and older documents for Reaktor 5 with more background informations at the bottom of the same page

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    As Paule wrote, Many Reaktor ensembles (such as TRK) are sequencers. You can not play them with a keyboard (some, you can, though). You need to push the "Play" button in your software.

    On Komplete Kontrol go to Preferences --> Library and click Rescan. It should be enough.

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    I will try.thank you

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    Ok know i can ear the i should play.i had activated little keyboard icon ,and i can ear the sound

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    Fine, now play TRK-01

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