Spotify/Tidal/Amazon Music integration in Traktor Pro 3.

Angel Serrano
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There are more and more dj software and equipments integrated with streaming platforms.

Now is possible with Spotify/Tidal/Amazon music.

What are Native Instruments plans?




  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Angel Serrano please see here a response from the Traktor team regarding Tidal integration:

  • lord-carlos
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    There is no current DJ platform with Spotify integration.

    Tidal would be great.

  • Owner
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    +1 for Tidal, but as we can glean from this statement, we shouldn't be too hopeful for integration any time soon. It's a pity that they don't prioritize it, but maybe that will change in the future. as far as I can tell, the lack of Tidal integration is the number one reason people are jumping off the boat right now.

  • Angel Serrano
    Angel Serrano Member Posts: 8 Member

    Commpletely agree, only dj software developers that adapt to main streaming platforms their programs will survive in the market in the short term. It's a pity that a great program like traktor pro doesn't have this option among its priorities. At this moment I can't recommend native instruments for DJ

  • PK The DJ
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    I imagine that Amazon Music would be unlikely. The hardware integration in the Numark and Denon equipment required a chip to be added (some kind of DRM) by request of Amazon.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Tidal is the most requested feature on Traktor and the dev team won’t implement. There is zero chance of Amazon Music or Spotify getting involved. Amazon requires a specific chipset and Spotify pulled out of all DJ software few years back now.

  • lord-carlos
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    I think they need a chip because it's standalone hardware. I'm not so sure you need the same when you run it on a computer.

  • Junkie Digital
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    Already there is the feature to connect and stream with Beatport. This works fine only that the search option in Beatport via Traktor is very poor. You definately have to create playlists in beatport in order to have a good workflow.

    And yes, you can use spotify or other streaming services, but you have to use a sync service in between.

    I have a subscription on Spotify and Beatport. In between I use in order to add music in playlists and sync that with Beatport. These playlists then show up in Traktor. This is a good workaround and have to say works perfect!

    Tip for the traktor software dev team, create a better search option / browsing interface for Beatport.

  • Owner
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    You're absolutely right, Traktor's browser is anything but suitable for searching for specific tracks on Beatsource. I also can't see the difference whether it's a remix or a dj-edit. Sometimes I get the song listed more than 3 times with a successful hit. For me, the streaming integration fits seamlessly into all the immature releases of "modern" Traktor.

    The entire catalog at Beatsource is also still far too thin if you compare it with Spotify or Tidal. I use Soundiiz instead of Tunemymusic and if I have larger playlists, e.g. for weddings where indie rock or country-specific songs are needed from time to time, I don't even find 50% of all songs on Beatsource.

    The way you describe it, Beatport is apparently much better, which honestly makes me very happy for everyone who relies on it and finds their sound on this platform, because that way you have a solution to stream extensively. With Beatsource, however, this is almost impossible and unfortunately only rarely useful.

  • Baraban0307$&
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  • WalshDylan
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    The integration of streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music into DJ software is absolutely a game-changer. It opens up a world of possibilities for setlists, on-the-fly adjustments, and crowd-pleasing curveballs. I'm also curious about what Native Instruments has in the pipeline for Traktor Pro 3.

  • Heisenberg
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    At least in Germany it's a completely pointless feature because you're not allowed to use it publicly, i don't know what the laws and terms and conditions are in other countries.

    And you don't own streaming music either, I wonder why it's so popular?

    Imagine you have to take out a subscription to be a DJ! 🤣

  • leesinthemix
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    It's popular because of the convenience and I'm surprised this is so difficult to understand.

    Downloading, sorting, categorising, managing a library of files and most importantly the cost of buying digital music, is what pulls DJs (especially new DJs) towards software which supports streaming.

    I guarantee you 95% of new DJs literally couldn't care less that they don't own the files to the music they're playing and I don't blame them to be honest.

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