THREE ... T shirts ... from a company as big as NI !!

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Can't believe the hype behind a give away of three tee shirts ... It beggars belief πŸ–•



  • [Deleted User]
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    But they are with the new logo!

  • tribepop
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    Yeah NI seriously needs to step up the merchandise game. I would also love product specific merch (e.g. Maschine, Traktor, etc.)

  • LostInFoundation
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    Evidently this is the kind of things NI users are interested to. And evidently NI is right to focus on this.

    When I’ll see a β€œ415 New” in the posts count beside a thread asking for help or reporting a product malfunctioning I’ll know there is a community

  • mmk_music
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    Agreed. I would have paid for multiple items of merch of the last several years.

  • Paule
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    I don't wear advertising t-shirts. So it isn't a hype for me.

    Reaktors software is enough without clothes.

  • Kymeia
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    Whoever thought of it was probably 3 shirts to the wind at the time :)

  • SupaReels
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    I always wear something in the studio ... how can you be a serious mix engineer without clothes ...😳

  • PoorFellow
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    Maybe N.I. just won't let there T-shirts become common place items ?

    Anyway , reminds me of this other company that gives people a T-shirt if blah blah blah , and I really wanted one , thought that it would be cool. So one day I finally get a T-shirt , open the box take out the T-shirt and it's the size of something that only a teen or a small woman would fit because , well the darn company apparently have absolutely zero interest in giving away something that actually fits anybody and also never asks for size.

    With that story in mind then I myself have learned never to have too high expectations when it comes to something like that because if if they should have in more sizes they may not even have mine/yours ! 🀣

  • Kubrak
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    I always wear something in the studio ... how can you be a serious mix engineer without clothes ...

    Well, I have read in a book of IT stories that one programer could do his job only naked. It did work fine, till cleaning lady has openned the doors of his office one late evening....

    But I guess mix engineer meets people from time to time, unlike many programmers, who are generally rather strange beings with unlimited range of pecularities anyway.... Better to keep them separate from other folks... ;-) They may work naked, if they need so.... Who would risk that deadline already postponed several times will have to be moved again, just because of not meeting programer's deepest needs.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    A middle finger for a harmless merch giveaway? Relax @SupaReels

    This is just a giveaway for a small corner in our community, not NI putting them up on a web-shop for sale world-wide. We threw many giveaways in the past and always had like 3 prizes. Having said that, there might be a bigger round in the future! Didn't expect this much turnaround either.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @tribepop @mmk_music Unfortunately there are no plans to start selling merch on our website anytime soon. πŸ™‚

  • Percivale
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    1. The topic was broad and therefore possesses a likelihood to amass more responses than a common "why software would not load on this device after updating via USB", etc. type of subject title.
    2. A tell-tale sign that the community forum was still being frequented by many, though not all would usually have something to discuss/speak about.
    3. It was by design to "hype" and "galvanise" the community so you can decide if it worked.
    4. Freebies did appeal to some but not all.

  • Sunborn
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    When someone offers you something for free, no matter how big or small, you should be grateful. If you have the impression that the others owe you something, and you ask for more, it is called "greed".

    You are a member here since 2 years and this is your first post (which is fine), yet you choose to post, this? ...i rest my case. πŸ™„

  • SupaReels
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    Just to set the record strait .. We have used NI for many years and some freebies that have come our way have been useful to which I would say I am grateful ... So, many thanks again NI for allowing some plugs free ...I have quids worth of Kontact stuff including their 88 key flagship and along with many others who have and continue to invest in the NI brand depend on quality plugs and equipment.

    Just sayin' is all Kaiwan .... after all I am allowed an opinion 😎

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