I have written the questions below for 2 complex problems with Native Access

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I have a couple of problems that I think are very complicated because, for 2 weeks, I have never found a solution to them.

First, I have a desktop computer (Windows 10) and Maschine mk3, so I have used this setup for 1 year. For now, I have a laptop with a macOS (M1 chip) operating system. Currently, I can not use my Maschine MK3 in macOS, even though I use the same Native Access account, because I registered this Maschine MK3 with its serial number in my native access account on my desktop computer in the past. So how can I transfer my Maschine MK3 between 2 computers (from Windows 10 to macOS) that belong to me?

Second, I can not see purchasable products and plug-ins (such as The Gentleman, Vintage Organs, etc.) that I paid for before, in Native Access on my Macbook even though it's visible and usable in Native Access on my desktop computer. Why can't I access these products? Why do such products not work on various devices?

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    You shouldn’t need to transfer anything. NA should be able to recognize all your products, no matter the computer or OS you are using.

    I deliberately used “should”, because NA lately has a number of hiccups. What I would check, since it is behaving differently on the computers, is if the NA version you have installed on the 2 is the same. Maybe on your Mac you have a newer version (which are the ones that a causing more troubles)

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    As far as I know then you are allowed to install your N.I. stuff on up to three different computers which can be Windows and Mac at the same time (if you want to know for a specific product then state product or look up EULA yourself) .

    If you have any problems installing a product on a specific computer then ask on help for that in forum or ask support for help (long wait during sale at least). Also , be sure to be logged into same account on all PCs ! Note though allowed to install on three then you are only to use the product at one computer at a time (switching) as far as I know. If you have problem seeing product in MAC when logged in to correct account then trouble-shoot that !

    Try trouble-shooting steps in this thread ! : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/1888/products-not-showing-in-native-access

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