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MK3 - It looks terrible, my eyes physically hurt looking at this blurry mess. I have seen one long article about it, but zero answers. I haven't touched this thing in years. Is there a setting i need to change? I have a LG C2 65" OLED 3840 x 2160. I have scale set to recommended 300 but it doesnt seem to matter what i change it to, it's just different sizes of blurry mess. Please help. My eyes need stop straining.

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    Maschine has no Hi-Res support, it was originally developed with 1080p in mind and never updated to the world of 4k+.

    65"? On such a crazy size it will always look a mess unless you use zero scaling but then everything on the screen will be tiny.

    Make sure to use whatever mode your TV has that doesn't try to improve the image as for GUI's it just makes it worst, check if it has a "Gaming Mode", that usually turns off all the upscaling stuff.


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