Any tips for getting around the "Download Failed" issue?

Greg McCarthy
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Recently upgraded to K14 Collector's and everything except "Amati Viola" has downloaded and installed without a problem.

Following the recommended suggestions I found on here..I've tried removing the ISO/aria2 file...moved my NI download folder to 3 different drives all of which have lots of free disk. Probably had about 15 tries at getting the gets to approx 50% of the way through in about 15 mins and then dies.

Am using NativeAccess2 (3.4.0 (08493f9/ on Windows 10



(Raised a support issue a couple of days ago...but its a busy time for NI atm, so thought I'd check if anyone here had any other ideas)


  • I-IONG
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    Had same issue, and that link doesn't work for me.

  • Greg McCarthy
    Greg McCarthy Member Posts: 8 Member

    Thanks Sunborn, hadn't seen that one...but unfortunately changing the proxy settings didn't improve things for me.

    In the mean time NI support pointed me at a zip download to try....took a few goes to get it...but it did work eventually.

    Strange how it seems to happen on random libraries for different people.



  • Greg McCarthy
    Greg McCarthy Member Posts: 8 Member

    Thanks ! hadn't seen that one...will give it a try.

    In the mean time NI support have pointed me at a zip download to try.



  • Jhill365
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    For anyone else running into this, I noticed that after the initial download had failed it left some files (.iso, .zip) in the downloads folder (in windows, not sure what the equivalent would be for mac). As long as those files are in the downloads folder retries continued to fail. After deleting those files the retry succeeded on the first attempt.

  • Padraic
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    Tip: If every library except one installs without failure, it's 98% not a proxy, connection, or other internet error. And with 6 TB free on an 8 TB NVMe SSD, disk space really is not the problem. 🙄

    Most likely point of failure is in the aria client or in the source file on the server.

    Given that the error occurs for different libraries for different users, my money is on the aria client.

    From the most recent log: NativeAccess2-2023-11-22-08.log:

    error: Cannot download differentially, fallback to full download: Error: sha512 checksum mismatch, expected ejIAle4uVvrUUPP7Jmiz5SMWoBW3Q4NcasJELr+Oqm6+qLtUcpT7oDgFlOGEr1NtH0dTk03Qo+l8CpcJxGRSUA==, got LGEurc4ZX5ROmD+PJgB0XfteskjpnqrbCjAjzI0N0fyc/M1upZ2OB3dy9nldVs2GOy+mCXvYIpIb4uq6l1/7RA==

     at Object.newError (C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Native Access\resources\app.asar\node_modules\builder-util-runtime\src\index.ts:55:17)

     at DigestTransform.validate (C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Native Access\resources\app.asar\node_modules\builder-util-runtime\src\httpExecutor.ts:435:13)

     at WriteStream.<anonymous> (C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Native Access\resources\app.asar\node_modules\electron-updater\src\differentialDownloader\DifferentialDownloader.ts:162:29)

     at WriteStream.emit (node:events:527:28)

     at WriteStream.emit (node:domain:475:12)

     at emitCloseNT (node:internal/streams/destroy:138:10)

     at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:82:21) {"metadata":{"applicationVersion":"3.4.0","buildType":"production","commit":"08493f9754bb614f5a13f503f6b216c028e51cca","label":"update","sys":"OS TYPE: Windows_NT - SYSTEM ARCH: x64 - RELEASE NUM: 10.0.19045"},"timestamp":"2023-11-22T16:27:23.391Z"}

  • Kymeia
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    Don’t underestimate the amount of disk space required. If you are installing to the same drive you will need up to 4 times the space of the actual library, especially if it is a big one. Ideally have separate drives for the downloaded installer and final destination. Finally don’t try and install several large libraries at once.

  • reffahcs
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    For me in the US I'm being served up NI software from Akamai's cloud servers. And that made me wonder if a lot of these download issues aren't a result of region/language specific, or just incorrect versions of software being used in different Akamai regions.

    It's hard to say for sure though, NA has a ton of bugs IMO. Having to manually delete a plist file on MacOS because the installer isn't smart enough to figure things out is just crazy. But the bigger issue is that the user is presented with a very generic unhelpful "installation failed." There's dozens of issues that can result in the same error message.

    Are there no log files for NA that would actually provide useful information?

  • Jhill365
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    In contradiction to my own comment above, I had to do a clean windows 11 install after a mobo upgrade and now my trick of deleting the install files isn't working. Maybe it was just a coincidence that ever worked to begin with. I am not using a proxy server and the SSD I'm downloading and installing to has more than 2.3 TB of free space. I'm using the latest Native Access 2 (downloaded today) and have tried multiple times. I'm out of ideas.

    @Greg McCarthy can you post a link to the zip download that worked for you?

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