Kontakt 7 and Player 7 crashes in Cubase

Robert C
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I spent many hours trying to get Kontakt 7 downloaded to my iMac. I upgraded my iMac to Catalina 10.5.7 from High Sierra. I spoke with Apple Support twice to help me get rid of 158GB just to be able to download 36GB for Kontakt 7 and player 7. Now when I open a Cubase 8.0 project, create a new instrument track, and choose Kontakt 7, Cubase immediately crashes. This doesn't happen with Kontakt 6 Player ever. When I load any previous project only Player 6 loads. I cannot work like this without any answers or ways to communicate with NI. Please advise me how to proceed. I also read a post that he lost hundreds of his projects using Kontakt 6 when he upgraded to 7. Is this true?


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  • Sunborn
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    What do you mean "Kontakt 7 and Player 7"?

    Kontakt 7 Full version and Kontakt 7 Player? It is impossible. Either you have the Full version, either you have the Player version.

    However, if by some mistake* you have them both installed, then this is most probably the cause of your problem.

    *by mistake i mean that the one is installed on a different folder than the other. For example, the one is at "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VST Plugins" and the other is at "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VST Plugins\Native Instruments".

    Or: You have an older VST2 version, together with the new, VST3 version.

    Either way you have to search your system for a double Kontakt file.

    Important: I can not say for sure, but Cubase 8 is a very old program. So it is very possible that simply can not handle the new Kontakt 7 and that's why it crashes. But as i said, i can not be sure about that, you have to check Kontakt 7 compatibility.

  • Robert C
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    Thank you for your reply, Sunborn. I had the Full Version Kontakt 7 with the player that comes with it but Factory Library 2 wasn't installed. Unfortunately, I couldn't install it unless I deleted 90GB from my hard drive. I tried to do it with the SUPPORT of Apple but it was ridiculous to bring over most of my files to my Lacie drive. I'm not willing to gamble with the loss of files for a program that gives me nothing more than Kontakt 6 does. My bank will investigate the transaction and I'm sure I'll be refunded the cost! Any company that doesn't support its clients by not providing contact through email, support tickets nor phone support does not deserve my time or money! I've been making composing since the 1980s and every year you have to upgrade and pay the piper. By the way, I checked to see whether all the programs I want are compatible with my hardware before I purchase them. I appreciate your feedback. I tried everything you suggested.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Robert C Welcome to the forum. First of all, we do have support, there is a dedicated support section, accessible from this very page.

    You will find typeforms there where you can always submit support requests depending on the issue you're having. We also made a little guide here: How to Contact NI Support

    Now, regarding your issue, this article should help you out: Native Access Error Message: "Installation has been prevented. You do not have enough free drive space to install the products."

    If that still doesn't fix the issue, here is an installer for the Kontakt Factory Library 2

    Here is how to install it How to Mount an ISO Disk Image on macOS

    Then open Native Access to activate. You should be good to go.

    If you're still experiencing issues, you can contact our installation specialists here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_install

  • Robert C
    Robert C Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thanks for your reply, Jeremy, but I already deleted all instances of Kontakt 7 so I can't download the bundle to try out your solutions. I've upgraded my mac to meet all compatibility issues. I've spent 2 hours with Apple support on three different occasions moving files to my Lacie drive and I'm not paying $$$ to increase my 5GB iCloud storage to over 100 more GB in order to download 36.6GB (Kontakt 7 Factory Library 2) when I already have tons of instruments from Spitfire. My computer doesn't crash anymore, and I can just create music again. By the way I went to the iGetter webpage, and it is not secure! I believe that NI should put a disclosure regarding the amount of space needed on a hard drive (even if it's temporary) to download a program.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    I'm not sure to understand, you don't need iCloud or any cloud service to download our products. There might be a misunderstanding here, you really should get in touch with our support.

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