Activate or deactivate an effect in maschine software

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Is it possible to automate, activate or deactivate an effect in maschine software? Thank you very much.


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  • Kubrak
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    As far as I know, no. But, if effect has wet/dry, one might automate it.... Maybe better than just on/off.

  • JS85
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    It doesn't have dry/wet... I would like an effect to act for a few seconds at a certain moment of the song and turn off. But something so simple is complicated for me in maschine...

    Thank you very much for answering.

  • Murat Kayi
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    Lock states contain bypass on/off for any plugin. Lock states can be automated from a host or externally, IIRC

  • Kaldosh
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    Lock is a bit cumbersome and it would be really great to be able to simply automate bypass, knowing that any other audio software can do that simple task.

  • D-One
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    Do you wish to preserve the FX tail when "turning it off" ? If so your only option is using a FX Send/AUX, load the FX on a new Pad and send the Group/Pad you wish to apply the FX to it thru Modulation. It's pretty easy and fast.

    If you want the FX to end abruptly without preserving tail just do the same thing but as an insert after the instrument in the same Pad.

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