Traktor Pro 3 dual display

I've been dj'ing a lot from home with a bigger monitor, but now that I'm ready to get on the road with my laptop, I really miss the larger screen size that I have with the monitor. I thought about using my iPad as a secondary screen so that I could display the browser e.g. on there, but I can't seem to find where I could do so. Is it possible to use 2 screens with Traktor or am I just not looking good enough? There is not a lot of recent debate about this so I figured to ask here.



  • lord-carlos
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    Nope, no build in way to do it. Best way is just to quickly switch to playlist view when needed. Default mapped to space bar.

    Rekordbox can do it.

  • ACV
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    I also love a feature where Traktor can have a simple iOS/Android app that connect to Traktor and become deck screens with touch/multi-gestures enabled. That would provide such great experience and immediately modernise their DJ controllers. Make them WiFi enabled to by-pass iOS lightning port restrictions too. Traktor controllers definitely can use bigger decks screens. I think the market for high-end Traktor DJ controller isn't there. So make good use of existing ones that as they are still great if they make some sensible ecosystem approach to their products.

    They can charge a monthly fee for app or include as part of the subscription model (since it really don't have much to offer anyway with a pattern player and possibly another real-time STEM). Most people are not subscribing as a result of the poor offerings.

    I'm sure they can easily do such integration (or open up the program for external developer to create plugins and again only Traktor sub users can use any plugins) and better yet make the APP support other NI hardwares to justify the R&D and ongoing development. Which I believe is a must since Traktor is clearly not as dominant and profitable to be a focus that it used to be for NI. One can argue that the subscription model for Traktor just to justify to board/shareholders of its existence!

    NI can easily create such tablets using OEM tablets that are purposely built for such products too. However I feel like NI got burnt badly with their hardware adventures last 10 years (S8/D2, etc.), they have been very conservative without much innovation. Hope NI still have appetite for innovations and visions as it's been very stale for a long time.

    As much as I wish this will happen, but highly unlikely given the limited resource and appetite for any risky ventures.

  • Stevan
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    I've seen people extend their desktops with an iPad. Don't know the app name but it is possible.

    Make the font size and list size small --> "clone" to a secondary display and upscale should do the trick.

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