Cubase and maschine

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Hello to the community !

That's my first post, hoping it will not be already answered somewhere else, but I don't think so. Plus, I found a solution thanks to native support by waiting to find an efficient solution (by making maschine mikro mk3 going to midi mode and doing things an other way)

So first of all, I'm mainly working on cubase, even if I love going to maschine to find my ideas recently because its accessibility makes it flow-friendly. My question, if maybe someone got this situation, is about the scale mode (modes, etc) and the chord/arp mode.

When I create music on cubase with maschine as a plugin, nothing really annoying about the plugin itself, everything is working great if I stay in the plugin.

My goal would be, when I record or create tracks/patterns/etc, my writing to be in cubase tracks and not in maschine tracks. When I record in maschine, it records perfectly, but only in the maschine plugin, which isn't visible directly on cubase.

Hoping I was clear :)

Thanks if someone has an answer !

Friendly, Kiwi Manchot


I use cubase artist on Windows 11, also having the komplete A61

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