Export Sliced Audio to Individual .Wav Files

Ryan Christman
Ryan Christman Member Posts: 45 Member
edited June 2023 in Maschine

I'm trying to sample some sounds and then place them into a folder located on my hard drive. I would like to export the slices on each pad as individual .wav files and store them in a user folder so that I can load them individual samples in later projects. I haven't figured out how to do this though.

If I right click on each individual sound after the sample has been spliced onto pads, the options are "Save As" or "Save With Samples". If I do "Save As", it doesn't save the sound as a .wav file which apparently means that I can't navigate to it with the browser. If I choose "Save with Samples", it generates a .wav file but it's the entire audio sample and not the individual sounds that I'm looking for.

What should I do?



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