Maschine MK3 picking up radio signal

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Recently moved to a new place. Using the exact same setup as before. No matter what I try my maschine MK3 is picking up a radio signal. You can hear it playing in the background when I use my MK3 interface. I know this is a grounding issue but no idea how to fix it. The MK3 is powered by the adapter. Without the adapter (just usb) the radio signal is much louder. Is there anyway I can ground my MK3? All the receptacles in my room are run off the same circuit I can’t plug it into another



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    Are you using a laptop or desktop?

    Do you have anything plugged into the Maschine other than the supply and USB to computer?

    First thing to try if you are using a laptop would be to see if running the laptop off battery and USB only to Maschine.

    Second thing is to find a high quality power filter power strip or outlet plug-in, and plug the computer (also all its peripherals) and the Maschine supply into the filter.

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    I concur with MKB that it could also be noise form the electrical outlet. Mind you , dunno if they still exists but at some point there were even Ethernet adapters doing networking over the wall power sockets and noise from electrical outlet is not something new so try MKBs advice .

    I would however like to add that , at least if you are using a desktop PC (metal box) , then often the PSU unit uses a small capacitor between casing and power from electrical grid that makes half of the voltage of the electrical grid leak to the casing. (To observe that then one try to measure alternating voltage between casing and ground on an otherwise not grounded PC). Also , if you, while having any ground connection touch a not grounded PC casing with a PSU connected to power then you may get an electric shock and also trigger the RCD protection/Residual current device of your home is such exists !

    However please observe that the PC can be grounded also by being attached to other grounded equipment which is why I write all this here, Because I just want to remind that if you use a computer with a metal casing then be very careful what you ground and how you ground because if the PC is not directly grounded through the PC power connection cable then you can damage other equipment by touching the casing on PC while touching other equipment. That in turns brings up Jeremy_NI's advice page where you also need to consider what is grounded and how because noise can be introduced by signals traveling to a ground connection or because of a ground the wrong place... (Sorry for me 'grounding' is an advanced topic that I feel that I do not fully master myself !)

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    It does sound like a grounding issue, and you're on the right track by suspecting that. Since you mentioned that all the receptacles in your room are on the same circuit, it limits your options for plugging it into another one.

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    Are there any clues as to where this signal is coming from? Station IDs, commercials, local news, DJ names?

    It could potentially be someone nearby broadcasting illegally.

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    I have sort of the same issue.

    My solution is to use a extension cord that comes from from the hallway into my studio room to power the computer because if the computer+speakers+interface are all using the same electrical phase (i think thats how its called) i hear all sorts of noises on the speakers including local radio.

    If an extension power outlet cable for some reason is not an option for you than you might have to buy a DI box.

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