Maschine gives Feeling of being behind on all other music programs

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Maschine has one of the slowest developments. I'm missing so much features! ! Forget about the X factor give me the basic stuff... I believe as a Beatmaker of NI PRODUCTS you are running up BACKwards IN ADVANCE TO THE OTHER programs like FL STUDIO, ableton Or Logic. Etc..

building a fast beat is a good selling point but finishing music on this thing is difficult.

and where the hell is iMaschine update??


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    I use the Maschine software to blueprint my music. Then EASILY drag my patterns into Logic. The only time I work inside the box. Is when I’m creating on my Maschine plus. Either way. I don’t use it as a DAW. It doesn’t seem to be ready for that. But that’s how I feel though….

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    I believe maschine is the best program to finish you music on even if it’s not build or ready for that. It treats music different and is precious to me.

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    I completely understand you. For me it’s the same. I love the Maschine to make Beats but fine tune or make full Arrangements are bad. I really don’t like the MIDI Editior in Maschine or the Scene/Playlist. Hopefully the Maschine Software getting Updates in the near Future and it comes to a seriously „DAW“

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    Native Instruments should put more effort into better integrating Maschine into the various DAW environments. Maschine isn't a replacement for a DAW, its a great tool to work with a DAW. If Native Instruments focuses more inward and less out to the greater music production environment it will become a more isolated niche product line. For now I will relegate my Maschine to a simple DAW controller, which is possible by making my own midi remote script with Cubase midi remote. I will do the same with midi remote for my Komplete keyboard. How about Native Instruments providing those scripts like other manufacturers? The alternative is just to recoup what I can by selling on eBay. Maschine in no way replaces Ableton, Cubase, Pro so as a first priority it must provide functionality that enhances use of those DAWs.

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    I make my beats in Maschine. I make all the parts and then drag all the files into Logic as audio files. I use a little EQ and compression in Maschine before dragging it into Logic. I edit everything, add channel strips or EQ if needed for fine tuning, sequence out..... done. I like this workflow. I don't feel like I'm behind in terms of how I use my tools.

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    My comment is in regard to Native Instruments growing it's business and expanding its customer base. NI will grow faster by pulling in a wider set of customer use models. Keeping the workflow of existing customers intact is necessary but not sufficient for long term business success. Existing customers need NI to be successful as we depend on NI to keep its products up to date as hardware, operating systems and music technology evolves.

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    This. I will repeat this a thousand times, until it is implemented: I want to be able to automate BPM on a global level. I also want to be able to assign a time signature to individual patterns, as well as to the master track, so that visually, working on polyrhythmic and polymetric music is easier to do. Having just these two features would open this device up to even more users, including jazz, prog, and metal musicians. I don't doubt people from those genres already experiment with Maschine, as I've made a few metal tracks with it, but to be able to sequence music on the more complex end of the spectrum, those features would need to be implemented.

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    Even Behringer is getting into the DAW business. NI has a strong brand name, superb hardware quality and high quality sound packs. It could capitalise on its strengths. How about a DAW not based on Maschine eco-system, a reinvention of Traktor and new hardware synthesizers and such. I probably expected too much =)

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    Sorry everyone but we're not gonna have another thread about the future of Maschine / feature requests.

    This has been discussed at large in the community and we'll encourage everyone to join one of the discussions already created.

    As for iMaschine, we have all our resources on desktop application at the moment which means that iMaschine won't be getting any update anytime soon as far as we know.

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