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After updating to the latest Machine (as of 6/13/23), Massive X, Komplete Kontrol, etc. all of my AU's fail to load in Logic Pro X. At first, Logic Pro could load any existing project, but the AU themselves would fail to restore their presets. The message in each Massive X instance was, "Not a Massive X NKS Preset Chunk". Komplete Kontrol instances simply loaded blank, with no error message. Prior to taking the update from Native Access, I saw the release notes highlighting full compatibility for M1/M2, meaning there is no need for Rosetta.

I wish I had ignored the update, because I was not having compatibility issues anyway. After taking the update, Logic Pro could not open any existing project. The error message,

"An Audio Unit plug-in reported a problem which might cause the system to become unstable. Please quit and restart Logic Pro." Hitting the "recover" option only lead to the message appearing once again. It's an infinite loop.

What I've tried:

  1. Reinstalling these AUs from Native Access
  2. Full plugin reset from Logic Pro
  3. Updating Logic Pro (it was 2 minor versions behind. This led to the inability to even load existing projects with these AUs)
  4. Starting Logic Pro from scratch
  5. Starting Logic Pro in Rosetta Mode

On #4, I learned the AUs simply don't show up, at all. #5 is interesting because I never started Logic Pro in Rosetta. But trying this proved that I could open existing projects once again. Also, the AU's showed up. However, this brought me full circle, because once again, in each AU I received the same errors from the beginning. Massive X says not a valid preset chunk. Komplete Kontrol Instance is completely blank. Etc.

Further reading on these errors seems to suggest issues between AU's, VST2s, and VST3s. But I am using Logic Pro X, which only allows AUs. Still, the AUs appearing only in Rosetta mode is a clue. I've opened a ticket with NI, but they note support will be slow b/c of Summer of Sound.

The fact may be I simply have to wait on customer support, but what bothers me is I have seen no reports of this issue. If other producers suddenly could not load their projects, and if all their presets just got blown away, this would be an all hands on deck issue.


  • 2022 Mac Studio M1 Max
  • MacOS 12.6
  • Logic Pro X (Latest)
  • Native Access (Latest)
  • Native Access installation paths pointing to external drive

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    As @LostInFoundation said it could be related to this issue. Can you check in your Logic preferences and make sure MIDI 2.0 is unticked?


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