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Is it possible to change not just the colour of the Waves in traktor pro 3, but the whole kind of wave? Some aspects which are importend to me are not as visible as i want. The waves in rekordbox seem better to me. Can i load another kind of wavelayout?


  • lord-carlos
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    3 band waveform like Rekordbox has would be hella cool though.

  • Demus
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    But Traktor DJ has something similar to that of Rekordbox DJ and Denon DJ. This is the reason why I was asking for the wave form display of Traktor DJ 2 in Traktor Pro 3 but more defined bass, mid and high colors like on the Denon DJ software. I think NI calls it waveform Vector wave display.

  • John_M
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    Unfortunately, the feature you mentioned is not currently available. However, I understand that having a three-band waveform display, similar to what Rekordbox site offers, would be really cool. It's a great suggestion that could enhance the user experience. Thank you for s

    haring your feedback!

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