Can we get a switch to turn off tempo fader deadzones?

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I bought an S2 MK3 and the first thing I realized was that the tempo faders have a dead zone around the center. I have a hard time understanding this decision to be honest. The controller feels great and then you have this tempo fader feature completely ruining the experience. I'm usually riding the pitch. I can easily live with the smaller fader length but at least I want my tempo faders to be completely linear...

But then, even if you want to be able to have it, why not make it configurable. Traktor has a gazillion settings for everything but none for an arbitrarily set tempo fader dead zone...

Having an adjustable curve, range and on/off button (at least give us the on/off button please) for that dead zone would be highly appreciated.

I had CDJs, Turntables, other controllers. But I never had faders that sacrificed 5mm of their range for a +-0 dead zone with a progressive curve reaching outside this zone.

Current Settings:


  • Tempo Range: 6%

Traktor S2 MK3

  • Tempo Faders: Absolute


  • Sûlherokhh
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    You could try a manual remap of both faders. Either make two entries in the controller manager, or adjust the commands in the qml files.

  • jacques
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    edited March 2022


    thanks for the suggestion. However that did not change anything, which made me even more curious. I then experimented with relative Mode just to realize that it isn't the Software faders that have the deadzone, since the dead zone always appears when crossing the Center of the Hardware fader.

    So that leaves just one question to NI:


    Why do you add an input Filter on any component other than the Software that would allow for easy configuration?. I mean this is not a jitter Filter, this is a questionable deadzone that makes beatmatching harder...

    Please don't tell me that this is not changable somehow.

  • jacques
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    It would be great to have ANY remarks at least from NI. I am on the controller now for several months and manual beat matching is absolutely not a problem as long as we are not close to the center, where there is still what seems to be a deadzone originating from the fader itself for whatever reason.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @jacques can you please get in touch with our Traktor team directly? With a closer look at your system we'll be able to pinpoint if this is a bug or not.

  • jacques
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    @Kaiwan_NI Thanks, I opened a support ticket.

  • DJDancinDave
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    Hello! I am having the same thing on my S2 Mk3. I've heard others can't reproduce it so thought it was just my controller. What was your feedback from NI? Want to check before I open my own ticket.

    I've dubbed this a "digital notch", since it kinda mimics a notch. At least there isn't a physical notch there LOL

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