Maschine Expansions, Expanded?

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Hey all, just noticed with the latest Maschine Expansion “Hazy Days” under the “Machine Exclusive” section a new addition is there that was not present in previous expansions. It now says “ 180+ MIDI patterns “. Anyone know how to access these MIDI Patterns?

I checked Borough Chops expansion and this new section was not there…

Here are the links to the expansions..



  • bzyboy
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    All the expansions I've ever bought have came with lots of patterns. Most, if not all, are patterns associated with each of the kits. Those all could be considered midi patterns. I don't own Hazy Days but maybe those patterns are now called "midi patterns" because they are already saved as a midi file (in addition to being associated with the kits) for use in other plugins. I would check to see if there is a folder where all of the Hazy Days content is stored that contains a bunch of midi files.

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    I don't own neither of those Expansions but I bet they simply changed the terminology used in the description as there's no such thing as "Maschine MIDI Patterns" in the literal sense, only "Patterns"...

    Mistakes like this can be indicative of changes to come, I can't point them out but they do happen, i doubt this is one of those cases tho

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    ok, so think this is referring to the patterns you can load in the “groups” “kit” section?

    just using new terms…

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    We use "MIDI Patterns" in some cases now because it sounds more accessible for beginners :)

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