How to? *MULTIPLE KITS* - Routing MASCHINE 2 Sounds to Separate Audio Tracks in Logic Pro X

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tl/dr: I need everything pictured (4 kits A1/B1/C1/D1 playing at the same time) individually tracked on Logic Pro X.


I am getting ready to migrate one of my Maschine files into Logic Pro X and need some support with routing!

Ideally I would like to be able to record all four of my kits at once, with each sound routed to a different audio/midi track. I usually export the audio directly from Maschine, but I want to record myself live transitioning from the scenes inside of Maschine 2.

The Native Instruments tutorial for routing to Logic Pro X is only for 1 Kit, which doesn't work with multiple kits:

Any help would be amazing! Thanks!


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    So you want 4x16 = 64 outputs? Maschine has only 16 outputs.

    But you should be able to open more than one instance of Maschine VST, each one with one of the groups and repeat the routing (you should have 16 outputs for every instance, therefore 64 of them)

    Btw: follow this video, it seems clearer to me


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