how to add automation to fxs to turn them on and off?

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I want to be able to make an FX go off at a specific point in the clip in Maschine Software but I can't seem to figure it out. On Logic you have the option when you open up automation it gives you the option to draw when you want the FX to come on and off.

All help is appreciated.

Thank you :D


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  • LostInFoundation
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    It should work the same way. What can’t you achieve?

  • Taddeo
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    I have a clip in a group where one of the instruments has an instance of Valhalla reverb. I don't want the Valhalla to affect the instrument the entire clip, instead I want it to come on only at the end of the clip but remain off at the beginning. (I hope this makes sense).

    When I open automation in the software it only gives me option to automate parameters but I can't find one to make the plugin go on or off unless I manually click it, but then this wouldn't work for me.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Valhalla VintageVerb?

    In any case, if you automate Mix parameter you should be able to achieve on/off

  • Taddeo
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    Yes, it's not exactly the method I was looking to apply but a general approach to every third party plugin in case they don't bring a mix/output knob.

    Thanks for your support though :D

  • LostInFoundation
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    I just tested another way to achieve this, with a very nice Reaktor ensemble, but still have to study it a little bit

  • Kymeia
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    Most third party plugins have mix level in their automation list though so this should work in most cases - many also allow bypass to be automated

  • D-One
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    Assuming you want to keep the reverb tail, dry/wet won't help anyway as it will abruptly stop the verb when you modulate it to 0%

    It's the same as with any DAW, just a little bit more awkward since Maschine has no "true" Send/Aux Tracks.

    Load your FX on a separate Pad then use the AUX on the Pad/Group you want to affect and Modulate the Send Out Level:

    People who need this often usually save a Group with a few of FX loaded and reuse it in their projects.

    For AUX there are only 2 tho, no idea why there's this absurd limitation. For more, you can use the Audio Out but then you also have to deal with dry/wet as the method to turn it off and it's own limitations.

  • ozon
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    Mixing 101! So simple, yet so effective!

    I had completely forgotten about that possibility, which is also nice if you want to use the same performance effects on various sounds.

    And it saves resources, which is great for the M+.

  • Taddeo
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    Thank you ALL x

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