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Hey all, I’m trying to use my Maschine+ in standalone mode, but am having this issue: upon startup it says it wants to update, and then when I press UPDATE it says there are no updates available. The only other options are RESTART or SHUTDOWN. Even when I try to restart or shut down and turn it back on, it comes back to this screen, and the problem persists. Anyone else experience this? Any solution? Peace


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  • Sunborn
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    Ok, silly question maybe but, are you connected to the internet before open Maschine+?

    If by "standalone" you mean "without computer", then how expect it to have an Update?

  • LostInFoundation
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    There are some people reporting such things happening, but it seemed to me it was some time ago and thought things were solved. If you have this problem with update (which should work from M+, no computer is needed) try a search here in the forum for those threads and maybe contact the guys who had the same problem to ask them how they solved it

  • ozon
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    Contact NI Support via the Maschine Support form.

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