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    This is how I do it.

    I use a VST called Unify by PluginGuru. Then I use Ripchord (or you can use Scaler) as a MIDI FX. Create a Group with this already setup, so you can load it easily into Maschine. The one issue with this approach is it only shows the one note playing the chord and doesn't show all the notes that make up the chord in Maschine.

    The other approach is to use Element by Kushview (free) as a VST in Maschine, and setup everything there (you don't need to use Unify - just Ripchord/Scaler in Element). The advantage of doing it this way is that it records all the notes inside Maschine software.

  • dmori
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    A quick correction - you have to use Element as a standalone app instead of the VST version to record all notes in the chord – then route it into Maschine using IAC driver (on Mac). Set IAC Driver as MIDI source in Input on the Track in Maschine.

    This way you can select any instrument in Maschine rather than selecting it in Element.

    Once you've recorded, turn IAC off on Input.

    Here's a quick video showing it working [you need to add the https : // at the beginning (as forum won't let me post a link)]

    Note: You need to use an external midi controller/keyboard to play chords (maschine controller won't work)

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