Suggestions for maschine 2 software

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Some ideas to improve the ergonomics in the maschine software without changing everything.

I would like to see two more views (maybe extended views).

A view of the waveform with the possibility to draw the envelope graphically with a zone next to it to do layering on four layers with some parameters found in the current "zone view". With the possibility to drag and drop samples in the layer you want. These layers would of course also be present in the "zone view".

A more accessible view for pattern management with drag and drop possibilities to the arranger. With a toolbar below for sequencing.

Also a small mixer in the left column (volume, pan, send1 and send 2) would be very useful with swing management for the displayed group.

It would be really nice to have more things in front of you!


  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,800 mod

    Nice mockup, I love it. 👏

    It almost makes the SW look like it belongs in this century.

  • Olihop
    Olihop Member Posts: 148 Advisor

    Thanks! haha yes it looks younger.

    In fact I realized that the current interface was completely outdated as I was adding things to the mockup 😅

  • burbigo
    burbigo Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    You did a really great job, I like it.

  • Olihop
    Olihop Member Posts: 148 Advisor

    We could develop even more with smart features to make our layering easier like: note detection and auto filter clean.

    On the controller I would like to see a layer view (in pad mode, accessible by pressing down the 4d button) to allow us to adjust the different parameters of each layer with the rotary buttons. I think it would be a more elegant way to layering in maschine

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