Traktor Kontrol s4 mk2

Mr Singh
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Hello hope all is well, i bought a traktor kontrol s4 m2, had it set up on my pc, registered with an old email, both no longer available. Have visited the NI website and my head is spinning. Ive downloaded native access gone through the support page and nothing makes any sense, tried inputting a serial number in native access, states its registered with some other account (yes my old account) tried both tge software serial number and hardware. The support page states to upload a photo of the serial number and unit, but no where can i upload this.


  • Sunborn
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    First, you have to login with your old account.

    Then go to license transfer and transfer the license to your new account.

    Hopefully, you have to remember your old e-mail somehow, otherwise things will be difficult. In such case, only the official NI support might be able to help you. Somehow you have to verify that both accounts (old and new) belongs to you.

  • Mr Singh
    Mr Singh Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Sunborn, massive thanks for your response. Unfortunately i do not have access to my old email account, hotmail blocked it, i still have my old hard drive from the old pc it was back in 2017 when got the s4. I'll see what support team says.👍

  • lord-carlos
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    You might have to wait a few days for support to help you :/

    In the meantime you can use the free 30 minutes demo version of traktor.

  • Mr Singh
    Mr Singh Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thank you Lord-carlos, will await a response off NI👍

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