DVS with Traktor 3.9 and M1 Pro

Rajiv Cassie
Rajiv Cassie Member Posts: 5 Member

I'm using a Pioneer DJM-850-K, which is Traktor certified, on an M1 Pro MacBook, and just installed Traktor 3.9.

The issue I'm having is that there is no input signal being recieved by Traktor.

For example, the timecodes are not being picked up in order for the calibration process to begin.

However, when I play a song internally, the output to the mixer works just fine.

It seems as if the mixer can only be used as an output device when I use it on the M1 MacBook with Traktor 3.9.

I also have a Mid 2012 MacBook which works perfectly as it should with the Mixer and Traktor 3.4.2 installed.

I have downloaded and installed the latest driver from the Pioneer Support website. However, the website makes no mention that Traktor can be used on it. But it does say that Serato can be used on it after purchasing the club kit.

I have also tried an Audio 6 with Traktor 3.9 and the M1 MacBook, and I have the exact same problem.

My S2 MK2 works perfectly on the M1 and Traktor 3.9.

It just seems to be an issue with timecode and DVS.

Can someone please help me understand what's happening. It would be highly appreciated.



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