Need Help with Kontrol F1 and X1 Setup for Live Tekk Sets (Step Sequencer)

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Hello dear community,

I have a question about my setup and I hope you can help me. I use two Kontrol F1 controllers and one Kontrol X1 to play live Tekk sets. However, I'm facing some challenges and I need your assistance.

Let's start with the physical arrangement of the controllers: From left to right, I have the F1, then the X1, and again the F1. I work with a total of four decks: Da and Db are regular tracks, Dc is a remix deck with the F1 Step Sequencer, and Dd is another remix deck that I want to use with the F1 in regular mode.

My goal is to load pre-arranged melodies on Deck B and add basic elements like kick, snare, hi-hat, and percussion using the Step Sequencer on Deck C. I want to ensure that the effects only affect the Step Sequencer. This means that, for example, the volume of the snare and hi-hat should be modulated through the 3 (grouped) effects on the X1. I want to achieve the same for the other F1 controller on Deck D. In this case, the left wheels on the X1 should affect the Step Sequencer of Deck C, while the right wheels should affect the regular F1 on Deck D.

If my explanation is not entirely clear because I'm still new to this DJing process, I recommend watching this video (or others on the channel) where the DJ demonstrates exactly what I'm trying to achieve:

I would greatly appreciate your help. Perhaps someone even has a .tsi file that could assist me.

Thank you in advance and greetings from Germany :)


  • Stevan
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    Hey there,

    You don't need any custom mapping, all controls for assigning decks and sample slots are in Deck UI.

    It sounds like you will need to set those only onece as well.

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