Any idea why Battery 4 encoders are behaving erraticaly in Ableton 11?

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I've never had this one before, and I don't know whether my recent upgrade to Ableton 11 is to blame, but Battery 4 encoders have started reacting erraticly to mouse gestures: it's as if I'm trying to move them off an automation curve and they're trying to get back into it. The problem seems to disappear when host automation is enabled and the encoder is controlled via Ableton's "Configure" option. Also, there's no problem when in Logic X or in standalone mode.

I've no other external controllers connected, and there's no automation, so MIDI interference should be out.

Anyone with a helpful suggestion?


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    Hey @cigaretta Do you use Waves plug-ins by any chance ? There is an ongoing issue with Battery and Maschine when older Waves plug-ins are present in the plug-in folders. It was fixed by Waves in their latest version (Waveshell v13). You'll find more information here:

    Battery 4.2.0 - suddenly, knobs/faders don't work


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