Izotope production suite 5.2 cost likely to get any lower? And is the suite worth it?

I can get Izotope's production sweet for about £240 at the moment.

Is it likely to get much lower than this ever? I think a previous sale was about £200 which is why I'm asking.

And, do you think it's worth it?

I have years of songs with finished arrangement that I want to polish, mix down, master and release online, as well as some other producer audiovisual projects that the other plugins like RX should be helpful for.



  • LostInFoundation
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    It depends. Do you already own an Izotope Advance product?

  • Gr34t4n0th3rus3rn4m3
    Gr34t4n0th3rus3rn4m3 Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thanks for your reply. No, unfortunately, I don't own any Ozone Advanced products.

  • just_jump
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    As far as the question is it worth it: What do you need out of the suite? Primarily out of iZotope stuff I use Ozone stuff (10 advanced), RX (9 Advanced) mostly post for video dialog, and Insight. I used to use Tonal Balance more but haven't felt a need for it for some time.

    I vary seldom use Neutron (3 advance) for their their dynamic eq and unmasking which is handy for toggling between eqs and visually confirming issues. v4 did bring in some Trash stuff to their exciter I think which could be cool if you were getting the suite anyway. NeoVerb or w/e it is seems like it could kinda interesting if you spent time with it but I mostly use Arturia / Ableton / Maschine stuff for reverb / delay.

    I don't really do vocal stuff so while I've tinkered with Nectar and can see how it could be useful I haven't had a good use case to test it. I've probably spent more time with Melodyne which seems to no longer be included.

    All that is to say what tools are you missing that iZotope fills? Any specific questions? I got into them when I was still using GarageBand and didn't have any metering or decent Eq as I recall. Ozone is generally worth having I feel like for it's toolset, but make sure you don't think you need RX Advanced for your use case.

  • Gr34t4n0th3rus3rn4m3
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    Thanks for your input.

    I have Ozone 10 standard from my complete upgrade. Apart from that, I don't have any dedicated mixing/mastering plugins, or a dedicated reverb plugin.

    I switched to Bitwig a long time ago (life has meant that production has been on hold for years) from Logic and whilst I love nearly everything about Bitwig, I don't like the native mix/master plugins compared to Logic.

    Consequently, what I "need"/want (for my production goals):

    Music production (primarily):

    -Mixing plugins re: Neutron 4 (I've already played with a free Neutron 4 trial, and like the Neutron 4 EQ for one, which as a standalone seems like a good enough quality EQ to prevent GAS re: buying into FabFilter (which I can't afford to do right now)) for my mixdowns/polishing tracks up

    -Mastering plugin/s re: Ozone 10 Advanced, for mastering/finishing tracks off

    -A dedicated, quality, non-native reverb plugin re: Neoverb

    -Nectar 3 is a potential bonus, as I have some guitar/vocal tracks I want to work on (separate from the instrumental stuff), but not so much as a priority, and it comes with Melodyne 5 Essential

    Podcasting/audio-visual work for me:

    -RX Standard seems enough for my needs here in case I need to clean up my own audio.

    Everything else is a (potential) bonus.

    Have you seen it much lower than £240 or $240? If the lowest it's gone in the past is £200, then I don't mind the £40 hit, as it seeeeeeeeeems like Ozone 10 Advanced, Neutron 4, Neoverb and RX Standard are worth £240 as is (?) and I'm sure I'll find a use for the other stuff. I just want to minimise potential buyer's remorse.

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