Issue: Native Access 3.4.0 not quitting properly

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I am on Windows 11, latest update. With version 3.4.0 I have the issue that Native Access is always using a high amount of CPU even when it is apparently doing nothing. Also, when I exit Native Access the process stays there in the background until I kill it with the task manager.

Are there any ways to solve this or is this just a bug in this version and I need to hope that it will be fixed in the future?

Despite many people complaining about the "new" Native Access I didn't have any issues until recently. (3.3 or 3.4, not sure).



  • LostInFoundation
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    Hope is the right word

  • Hookflash
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    I seem to be having the same issue (NA using 30% CPU even when it's doing nothing, and CPU usage remaining high after quitting NA).

  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey! I've raised this with the team. Thanks for pointing this out. Are there users who are possibly using older versions of NA2 that are experiencing the same thing? I want to check if we need to hotfix or not.

  • Shutara
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    I can only confirm this is also my case on 3.4.0. Especially noticeable when trying to install a product and then closing NA (which supposedly claims to quit any active download/installation). Had to bash background processes, because they were consuming 40% of my CPU for no reason.

    Another thing I've noticed is - having an outdated Kontakt 7 Player, which instantly became Kontakt 7 DEMO after purchasing Komplete 14, resulted in being unable to update it within Updates tab.

    Update buttons were inaccessible, and the only thing I could do was "Update All", which just queued both Kontakt/Reaktor, and did nothing else. There's some legwork to be done in the backend, guys. Please don't disappoint 🤞

    By the way, I've tagged You in Native Access 3.4.0 - Komplete 14 products show as DEMO once installed — Community ( because it's another urgent issue that arose in current NA, at least it prevents me and some users from accessing paid libraries. I hope You can elaborate on this - think it's a tad more pressing matter than idle CPU usage (which is still an important matter nonetheless). 😅

  • Hayo_NI
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    I'm making my way through the community posts today, will try to get to most of these threads. Please try to keep each thread dedicated to the topic at hand in the meantime to keep the discussions organized. Makes it easier to browse and discuss then

  • Hookflash
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    Just to add: In my case, after I close Native Access, I actually end up with several (e.g., 5 or 6) "Native Access" processes remaining in Task Manager and my CPU load remains at 30%. Only after I close all the processes does my CPU load come back down.

  • ThomasM74
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    yes I experienced the same, that's what I was trying to say with "Also, when I exit Native Access the process stays there in the background until I kill it with the task manager" but you described it better.

  • Hayo_NI
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    @Hookflash mind giving me some insight on what things you did before you noticed the CPU usage? I'm trying to reproduce the issue myself, but am not able to see the same results

  • Hookflash
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    For me, the issue occured after installing the Komplete Ultimate 14 bundle. Oddly, after starting Native Access just now to check for updates, the issue seems to have resolved itself! I'll report back in this thread if it crops up again.

  • Hookflash
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    Ok, I was able to get the issue to resurface today by updating Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol via Native Access. After the updates completed and I closed Native Access, two extra instances of Native Access remained open and my CPU usage remained at 10%. Oddly, Task Manager says the Native Access instances are using 0% CPU, but, when I kill them with "End Process", overall CPU usage (which, like I said, was sitting at 10%) drops back down to normal (~1%).

  • Hayo_NI
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    Interesting. Thanks for coming back Hookflash. I'll get someone to take another look at it and I'll try reproducing this with your scenario in mind, see if I can get it happening too. Thanks!

  • sharon
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    Hi @Hayo_NI ,

    Here's how I reproduced this problem on Native Access 3.4.0:

    1. Restart computer
    2. Launch Native Access
    3. Login (because Native Access forgets credentials every time I restart computer, which is another problem)
    4. Close Native Access

    At this point I can check task manager to see Native Access still running and taking allot of CPU

    Hope it helps

  • Milkman
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    I just updated the Kontakt Factory Library last night. Native Access never exited after the program completed updating and was closed. It was still running, eating up around 25-30% of one CPU.

    Rebooted. Native Access is now gone, and everything looks normal. I run my DAW, play around, open all my instruments, close everything, check task manager. NA is not present.

    Then I open NA, check for updates, close NA. NA process does not end and is still in the process list, eating up 25-30% of one CPU. (Windows10)

    EDIT: I notice that now my login credentials are always missing in NA and I have to sign in each time, which is annoying. This is also new behavior.

  • vordex
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    Windows 11 here. I just ran Native Access 3.4.0, updated Kontakt 7 Player, exited Native Access and... a while later I look into why my CPU fan is just running & running, and it's this! Native Access not closing, eating about 30% CPU. Issue resolved by killing the process in Windows Task Manager.

  • PoorFellow
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    Quote : "login credentials are always missing in NA and I have to sign in each time"

    That is a known issue that N.I. aims at fixing in the next version/update of N.A. , at the moment then if you go to Windows services and alter the NTKDaemon service start from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed) and then after PC reboot allows for a few minutes after boot for the NTKDaemon process to start then N.A. ought to log in just fine.. (you can see in Task Manager when the NTKDaemon process has started)

    (Just remember to check if you have to set settings back to Automatic yourself after an app update with a fix)

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