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Hi, I'd love to see/have more flexibility when it comes to the window (re)sizing. Especially the separator between the single instruments and midi/song section should be made flexible (see screenshot)

I marked it as a red line. Since this part cannot be moved or adjusted, quite often my names for the instruments are cut somehow and sometimes when they just differ by one letter in the name then it's quite often not possible to differ them without a closer research.

I have a big monitor and could easily have some more space for the names. Please have this in mind for future updates.

Thank you


  • Olihop
    Olihop France - MontpellierMember Posts: 87 Tri

    Definitely. I often have this problem too of not being able to see the full names.

    An option should be present so that the area automatically expands according to the length of the name, at least to some extent.

    Another thing that would be nice would be to automatically extend (vertically) the window of the arranger as you add groups.

    Overall the ergonomics of the software really needs to be improved

  • Xavier
    Xavier Member Posts: 11 Sine
    edited February 28

    or if you hoover over, the full name should be appear at least. If I hoover over with the mouse, sometimes when the two button symbols then disappear, I can somehow identify it.

    Yes I know, that there are several ways to see somewhere the full name even in the Maschine hardware or when I open the VST plugin it will be shown. But that are additional things to do and hinder the workflow

    A flexible separator (compare to DAWs or video software) in a certain ways where it's possible and can be necessary is normally now state of the art and should be in, so everybody can adjust to his personal belongings.

  • Olihop
    Olihop France - MontpellierMember Posts: 87 Tri

    I completely agree.

    Here is how I would see this view for more usability within the software. Add more control and make the patterns directly visible and more accessible. Without the goal to reduce the manipulations.

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