How do I uninstall a single kontakt instrument

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Hi NI Community!

I uninstalled Session Guitartist - Electric Sunburst from a Mac to make room for another instrument. I followed the instructions located here:

However, when I restarted my Mac and relaunched Native Access, Session Guitartist - Electric Sunburst, and now the state of my install reads: REPAIR.

I refollowed the instructions to confirm that the instrument has been uninstalled and could not find it on my hard. I have noticed that the hard drive space has been reclaimed, but I wonder if something went wrong. So how do I reset the state of the instrument to INSTALL instead of REPAIR? is that possible?

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  • Sunborn
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    If you buy something from Native Instrument, it will be always available through Native Access, unless if you transfer the license! Even an old product that you don't use anymore will be there.

    However, a product showing up in Native Access, does not mean that it is installed in your computer. So, there is nothing "wrong" here. If it doesn't show up in Kontakt, it means that it is uninstalled.

    Furthermore, in your case, "REPAIR" means "RE-INSTALL", there is no need to do any action. If and when you want it again, just click "repair".

  • LostInFoundation
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    Probably it’s a problem of NA itself, which isn’t the exact definition of “reliable” in its latest versions

  • LostInFoundation
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    But he is right. It is a bug. An uninstalled product should move under the “available’ tab and not remain in “installed” with repair

  • Donowilson
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    I understand the purpose and install process of NA, but not having a simple straightforward uninstall process leaves less to be desired. It would be nice if NA just added an uninstall option within the 3 dot menu. That would greatly improve user experience and make life easier. After my post, I moved forward and put the matter to rest. Thank you @LostInFoundation, @Sunborn for your feedback. Cheers!

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    Take this with a grain of salt, but uninstall feature could come earlier than I thought.

    From another thread and from Hayo_NI mouth:

    “We've done the research to figure out what we need to do and created the UX for it, so right now we're just waiting for capacity to free up a bit. It's the next major topic we're picking up, likely shipping in Q2.”

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