Program froze and closed mid performance, 3 times

Lorne ashley
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Hey all.

I actually couldn't believe it happened... and I almost lost all my faith in the product, I was scared to be playing it last night... I ended up using preview on finder, rather than Traktor because it was so unstable last night.

I was using the Allen & Heath Xone:96 and 2 CDJ3000's in HID mode. When. it first froze, I got terrified, and took the CDJs off HID mode, thinking it was a processor issue maybe, went to DVS mode, then Traktor (as my other thread a few weeks ago) wouldn't sync with the time code, so I then played only off my X1 with the players totally disconnected and it still kept happening!

The first freeze was a total stop of audio and the programme. Then a glitched out noise, then the song kept playing. The second one, froze the audio and the programme closed entirely. The third time (when I was on the X1 only) it froze, glitched, then never played again with no sound at all coming out of traktor.

I thought it was the Xone as the sound card, so I got my emergency cables out, and plugged in to the headphone out of my laptop and into another channel, routed the audio through there, and it still glitched a few times (silences and drops in audio quality and the programme freezing, though not as extreme). At that point I just went to preview and got my phone out as some kind of second channel. it was an awful final hour on stage.

My laptop is an M1 Max MBP, 2022 machine. Never had a problem with any audio on it before this.

Been using Traktor since 2007/2008, and I've been through all sorts in the trenches with this thing. But last night, it just felt like the final straw. Going to look into other software, but, thought I would post this here, incase anyone has had this and knows how to fix it etc.

Oh, also worth mentioning, my audio files are high quality and not on a cloud folder etc.

It feels like this whole system has fallen into oblivion, and I'm just JUST at the brink of letting it go after the last few months... But I have so much history, accessories, money, time and experience with it... I don't want to believe it.

I guess I'm really looking for someone to tell me everything is going to be alright! haha



  • Isotoxin
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    Why You think this is Traktor problem and not the OS?

    What version of Traktor You are using?

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    what a bummer. Long time Traktor user here too, although with controllers. What Traktor version are you using?

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