how to internal resample your sample?

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so I just got my MK3 up and going and I have been playing with resampling some samples that are already loaded on to a pad bank. When I started playing with this, the samples already loaded onto the pads would be lit and active during an internal resample session from either the master or chosen pad bank. This was great, I could resample a played in pad performance from the bank and send it to another pad which is exactly what I wanted to be doing. Resampling does work fine when played back from the sequencer but I am wanting to play them back into RAM and assign to another pad. Also, the software on the computer will show loaded pads but the controller does not correspond.

Now, I am not sure if I have mistakingly changed a setting somewhere but now when I go to the sampling function, non of my loaded pads from any bank are lit and I can not play anything out into a new sample.

I have 2 computers that I use my mk3 with, an intel mac that works as expected but this is happening on my m1 macbook air. I have tried to compare settings between the 2 but I can not figure out what is different between the 2 and what is going on.

The function what working perfectly before but now the pads will not indicate readiness during sampling on my m1.

Any ideas?

Please help, thank you!!



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    Hey @LFX4459 I'm not sure to fully understand what you mean in the description of the problem, but you mentioned the new M1 thing. Are you using Maschine in standalone or in a DAW ? If you are using in a DAW, is this DAW natively supporting M1 ? In this case, if you want to use our plug-ins, Maschine included you need to run it in Rosetta mode.

    If you're using Maschine in standalone, it loads in Rosetta mode by default. Please make sure to give Full Disk Access to Maschine: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Does that fix the issue ?

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    I have done as you advised by enabling full disk mode but that is not exactly my problem. Please let me try to better describe what is happening in Maschine standalone mode.

    What I can not do is play pads into a sample recording. The hardware does not light up the pads in sampling mode. The software however, responds to the mode change and I can click into the software and get sounds to come through the input. I just can't seem to get the controller to play anything in sampling mode.

    As soon as I press the pad mode button on the hardware, the pads are activated again.

    When I hit the sampling button, the lights go out on the pads and there is no response.

    This was all working ok earlier on in the session and then I'm not sure what happened later on but now this...

    I've mentioned that everything works as intended when the controller is connected to my intel imac so I am very confused.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Hey @LFX4459 We contacted you by email, we would need more information on your systems and ask for a video as we would like to try and reproduce the issue.

  • LFX4459
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    Thank you, I will make a video and provide more system information as soon as possible.

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