'not played in the last' excludes unplayed tracks - bug?

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Maybe I just hadn't noticed before, but I was working with smart playlists using the "last played date: not in the last" and realized that it's excluding anything never played (so new tracks are missing).

Has this always been an issue? Is it a bug or considered working as intended? I don't see a way to workaround other than just added a last played date to new tracks which seems less than idea.

I'm using the latest 3.9 beta 3 but I don't think it's related.



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    never tried it by myself. but in the release notes from 3.7 you can finde some fixes in that direction:

    FIXED Incorrect Track Count in Smartlists Track, time and size count in Smartlists is showing the correct values. 

    FIXED Playlist Count does not reflect Filtering Track, time and size count in filtered Playlists is correctly reflecting the applied filter.

    maybe that one slipped through and is not reported yet?

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