No sound in slice mode MK3

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out of no where my slice mode does not produce audio in sampling mode every other tab produces audio including the edit tab and zone tab in sampler but not the slice mode does anyone have a fix for this



  • LostInFoundation
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    It’s the waveform grayed out?

    Did you duplicate the recorded pad on another one?

    If this is the case, try to see if SLICE is working on the “original” pad where you recorded the sample

    If all I say is correct, here is a workaround for moving the sample to another pad/group and still have the ability to slice it: instead of using the DUPLICATE button, stay on the original pad where the sample has been recorded, go to SLICE (without slicing anything), chose APPLY… (last button top right) and chose the pad/group where you want to copy the sample. In this way, the new pad will still be sliceable.

    Now I will be up to the case of why using DUPLICATE doesn’t allow to slice it anymore (I hate you…😂😂😂)

  • LostInFoundation
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    Well… was faster than what I thought😂…and I think I definitely discovered a bug. @Jeremy_NI if you can report this to the competent team:

    Steps to reproduce it:

    Record a sample on a pad. Without changing the slicer mode, use DUPLICATE to copy the sample on another pad/group. The new pad will have the SLICE mode grayed out.

    BUT…if you change the Slicer MODE on the new pad (or if you changed the Slicer MODE on the original pad BEFORE using DUPLICATE) it will become editable again.

    Tell me if you need a video showing this.

    @Medeldiego47 this is also a faster workaround for you: in the not sliceable pad, just move the Slicer MODE with the first knob: the slicing capabilities will be unblocked

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