Push 3 is here :D (STANDALONE)

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    Will you get it @AdelV?

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    • Maybe in future, need to save some money. It's 1849 euros for Intel 11th Gen Core™ i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB of RAM ;-)

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    LOL just saw the YouTube’s as well.

    costs hella.

    show me all sound packs that can rival NI’s tho first.

    Theres no song mode? How lame.

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    Upgradable parts, access to msp modules, live timestretch, mpe, cv, internally routable midi sequencing ( ^^ )...You can even have access to NI's sound packs...Intro price is not badly placed. Probably the most powerfull groovebox ever released ? Hardly lame imho...

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    Another nail…

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    Yep… and the workflow as I suggested before in reply to a post on Maschine+ improvements (old forum?):

    ”The real bonus lies in what Ableton calls ‘continuity’, which is how easy it is to transfer projects between standalone and desktop. 

    Push comes with Wi-Fi, which is used to authorise the standalone version and allows users to download Packs from their Ableton account. When connected to the same network as a computer, Push will appear in Live’s browser on desktop, allowing users to seamlessly transfer Sets, samples and presets bi-directionally. 

    Obviously, the lack of third-party plugins on the hardware causes some compatibility issues, but by freezing any tracks using these devices and using ‘Collect all and save’, Push will import any frozen tracks as audio clips.”

    Source: https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/ableton-push-3

    This is exactly what is missing with the so-called integration of the NI hardware and software. No ***** export and copy-paste transfer from and to a SD card, but wire(less) transfer including bouncing incompatible instruments / patterns. Really working standalone and continue on desktop afterwards.

    I really hope NI can level up with the 1.5 update… otherwise… well, never mind…

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    All we have left is hope ;)

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    Whoah, $3k for standalone in AUD. Quite a chunk of change considering I could get the PC connected one and a half decent laptop for the same cost.

    However, I LOVE that idea that you can get an "upgrade kit" and actually open and upgrade the hardware if you get the PC attached version to make it standalone, that is actually really appealing just because it is possible. And it doesn't cost much more than buying standalone outright so easily possible to test drive the tethered version then upgrade when one wants. What a great idea, wish more companies made upgradable hardware.

    As an owner of Push 2, not sure it offers much else over my Push/MCU combo but still want one. Have to see what kinds of performance it offers after some real world tests come out

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