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I cannot figure out how to record loop from live input ( Turn Table. mic what ever ) easily with using S8. which button i have to press to record loop, insert it to remix deck ?

How to delete loop and how to insert loops which was recorded only with s8 ?



  • zephry
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    Up in the left corner, the Loop Recorder has a source. In your picture it is set to Main (which is anything playing with volume faders up.)

    Set the source to Ext. or Aux. To record signals from your inputs on the S8. Set to Cue or Main to record from a deck also Live input deck.

    I would suggest going through the Traktor Manual first. Section 6.3.4 for the Loop Recorder. Also look over how live input decks and Remix decks all work.

    Making loops need to be a set length and a set bpm Traktor doesn't always get this correct when making samples because many samples do not have drums or a set length to analyze correctly. It takes some production and understanding of how beatgrids work to get this correct.

    The S8 doesn't have buttons to use the Loop Recorder or do any of the advanced settings needed for live sampling. The Traktor F1 is what works best for preparation of remix sets, but still is not intended for live sampling from another source.

    Most professional live acts have other software like Ableton (production software) or hardware samplers and even then much of the work is done ahead of time to make sure the live elements fit well with the performance.

    Hope this is enough information to help a little.

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    Yeah i know about other software but i though about mixing digital tracks + one deck live input ( turn table ) and other deck for remix deck .. .

    Thats why I ended here because it wasnt clear how to make it ..

    thx anyway for help

    So my idea how it should work is set what you wrote in first sentence,

    • left top corner external ... maybe map record button
    • tap a tempo according to beat
    • record Loop
    • insert loop from record folder

    or if this is not possible .. than use laptop to drag and drop loop...

    Im going check the manual but i already check it,

    thx bro

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    Good! I wasn't sure how new to this you are. If you are good with mapping, then of course there are more options.

    If I remember correctly you can drag the whole loop recorder to a sample cell. On a remix deck. And there are midi controls to map for that also.

  • Stevan
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    1. Use Cell Capture Modifier as a Shift function. Add In --> Remix Deck --> Direct Mapping --> Cell Capture Modifier
    2. Map Routing Selector to the same button to assign the Loop Recorder to a Deck. Add In --> Remix Deck --> Direct Mapping --> Capture Source Selector

    Since you are with S8 you might need to add cell triggers on the pads as well (last time I checked this didn't work with default mapping so I made a dedicated loop dispenser mapping on my MF Twister.

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    thank you guys ! maybe can you make screenshot ? I dont want you boder you but its really tricky .. but i will try it

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