My second piece of music… any comment to help me?

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Hi everybody,

I arrive today with my second song. I tried my best to follow your comments on my first one. I also tried to make something much easier. As a very beginner, I tried to make a simple piece of music… at the level of my knowledge.

I also took care about the rythm and the volume of each piece.

Would you have any comment? Any advice? Everything is good to take.

Thank you to all of you 🙏♥️✨


  • Paule
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    Okay from the volume, Sindri.

    Please give it a bit more spatials using delay and reverb with variations on each instrument.

    The outro is IMHO too long.

    Thanks for let us know your music.

  • LostInFoundation
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    edited May 27

    Different genre but also here nice vibes.

    This time just a couple of fast notes:

    The drums could benefit of an overall compressor

    I can agree with Paule: the “outro” without drums is a little long.It could end at 2:07, unless the song is thought with future vocals on it that could make the outro more variated.

    Same thing is valid for the overall variations of the melody: every now and then you put a new element in it, but it would work better with a singed part giving more changes to the total flow.

    Good job

  • Milos
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    Use the compression or dynamics for master channel (KiloHearts Dynamics or ST supercharger), just make sure you use dry/wet settings so that you can hear raw and compressed signal at the simultaneously.

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