Traktor and Beatport Link tracks jumping and skipping issue

Phil Conil
Phil Conil Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi, I am testing Beatport Link as I thought it would save me time to select new tracks and money, however when playing tracks off of a Beatport link playlist, some tracks are like corrupted and skip and jump like an old CD record. If I play the song again, it still skips. I tried to reload the Beaport Link playlists but no luck.

I have Traktor 3.8.0 46

I was expecting better, this makes it unreliable to record any mix or play at any gig.

Is anyone experiencing the same? is my laptop too old (2013 mac book pro)?

Is it better with the Beatport Link Pro subscription with the option to download 1000 files locally? I guess this subscription would be required for anyone who wants to DJ at parties and friends', as relying on WIFI seems risky.

The pro plan seems more reliable, the tracks are 256kbps which is good, the Essential plan has 128kbps only which sounds pretty bad.



  • Markovicz
    Markovicz Customer Care Posts: 381 mod

    Hi @Phil Conil,

    I am sorry to hear that. Quick question for starters: when you are saying 'some tracks are like corrupted', does that mean it's always the same tracks showing the issues whilst others always play smoothly?

    Please let me also know which macOS you are on.

    In regards to your question concerning PRO subscription, I can only speak from my own experience: indeed I wouldn't dare to play out without the Offline Locker.

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