2 way Sync in Maschine

ymperial Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

I facilitate all of my collaborations using MIDI Sync and have found that when doing so I am constantly going to the settings to switch between the send/receive modes. I hope to shed light on a simple solution to this inconvenience.

(Yes I’m aware of Link. However, not everyone I work with has this feature or access to a WIFI network)

I would like to see a 3rd Sync mode implemented in which Maschine will simply send Play/Stop messages (non-locally) while in “Recieve” mode or even respond accordingly to Play/Stop Messages while in “Send” mode.

Alternatively, there could be an additional option within the two existing sync modes allowing the user to toggle whether or not:

-Maschine will listen to Play/Stop messages while in “Send” mode

-Maschine will transmit Play/Stop messages while in “Recieve” mode

For reference, I’ve discovered that Fruity Loops is configured to send and receive Sync messages simultaneously. It achieves this by responding only to Play/Stop messages (No response to Timecode) and sending Play/Stop messages as well as Timecode messages without any need to open the settings. As a matter of fact, FL doesn’t have even an option to toggle between “Slave” or “Master” modes, it just defaults to this configuration.

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